How does the process work?

  1. Non-disclosure agreement
    All parties sign a NDA to establish confidentiality.

  2. Letter of Intent
    We assist with the Letter of Intent for you which includes price, terms, exclusivity period, and a deposit.

  3. Due Diligence
    We assist you with checklists to make the due diligence process quick and easy. We look at your financials and code to make sure there are no surprises. All documents will be stored securely in our deal room.

  4. Purchase Agreement
    We assist with the Purchase Agreement

  5. Escrow
    We assist with escrow for you to ensure that funds aren't released until everyone fulfills their obligations.

  6. Transfer of Ownership
    We assemble a complete plan with our checklists and advice. We will captain the plan with you to ensure that you receive every asset for your acquisition and nothing gets forgotten or left behind.

  7. Done!
    Funds are released to the seller and the deal is closed!